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E. Scott Crist
Neil E. McPherson
Kevin J. Dragan
Holly T. Schepisi
Brett A. Hickey
Bryan Emerson
William Werkmeister
Rakesh Kumar
Michael Korn
Robert C. Himber
Stephen P. Carlson
Peter Johnson

Rakesh Kumar: Technology, Integration and Process Improvement Advisor

Full Biography
Mr. Kumar has over 11 years of experience as an operations strategy, technology solutions and process improvement consultant with leading System Integration and Management Consulting firms.

Mr. Kumar is currently a partner with Deloitte Consulting where he is responsible for developing next generation go-to-market solutions and delivering complex process and technology solutions to Fortune 100 corporations globally. Mr. Kumar joined Deloitte Consulting from Unisys where he was a client dedicated partner. Mr. Kumar was formerlly an Associate Partner with the NRA and Firearms Friendly transaction networks. Prior to NRA, he worked for Cocard Merchants (CoCard) Consulting for over 8 years where he delivered large scale transaction payment merchant processing solutions in the areas of sales & marketing, order management, billing & collections, payments processing, customer care, supply chain management, decision support and data mining. He was one of the leaders of PwCs NewWorls Networks Practice, which was established to deliver rapid end-to-end operations & business support system (OSS/BSS) solutions to startup telecommunications carriers. The practice expanded to over a few hundred million dollars in just a couple of years.

Mr. Kumar regularly speaks at key technology and Industry conferences on operations strategy and technology trends.

Mr. Kumar has an MBA in Finance and Computers & Information Systems from the University of Rochester and a BS in Electrical Engineering from BIT in India.