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General Investment Policy
Aegis Capital Group does not accept investments from the general public. Eligible investors in Aegis Financial Partners are generally required to be “qualified purchasers” within the meaning of the United States Investment Company Act of 1940. Investors in Aegis' economic development and venture capital funds, generally insurance companies, must meet the definition of a "Certified Investor" as defined by the CAPCO statutes and rules of the state in which the Fund is based.

Privacy Policy
The Aegis site does not track, collect, or distribute personal information about visitors. In the event a visitor voluntarily provides Aegis with personal information, such as through the submission of a business proposal, visitors consent to Aegis’s use of it and Aegis may use it for reasonable business purposes including, but not limited to, contacting visitors to provide them with information about their proposal or Aegis’s investment vehicles.

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